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About PSR

Hello Friends and Business Associates,

Practice Support Resources, Inc., is a publisher, bookstore, and training resource center for medical office managers, administrators, physicians, hospital executives, consultants, doctor recruiters, and other important allied healthcare professionals.

For over twenty years, the products and services presented by PSR have reflected its commitment to excellence with authoritative and current information from many prestigious and renown publishers, authors, and organization. From these "best of the best" sources, this information has enhanced medical office management, achieved improvement in physician recruitment, and bolstered physician-patient relations. Simply stated, the entire PSR mission statement is based on Medical Office Management and Physician Relations.

PSR and its personnel will be working for next twenty years updating its proprietary benchmark and survey publications, e-book publications, quarterly newsletters, and self-study packets.

Welcome to the new PSR.


Warm Regards,

Staff of PSR
Practice Support Resources